28 April 2016

Yemen: human rights activist released by the Houthi-Saleh Coalition

ID photo of Abdulrab Al-Humaiqani Alkarama welcomes the release, on 20 April 2016, of Abdulrab Ahmed Abdulrab Al Humaiqani, a human rights and political activist who was arrested by the Houthi-Saleh Coalition on 28 August 2015. After being arrested without a warrant nor being presented with the reasons for the arrest, Al Humaiqani was taken to an unknown location, where he was kept without contact with his family until his release.

While Alkarama is glad to receive the news of Al Humaiqani’s release, we regret the fact that he was kept in secret detention for months, during which he was tortured. Therefore, Alkarama remains strongly concerned about the systematic practice of arbitrary arrests, secret detention, denial of fundamental judicial rights as well as torture and ill-treatment committed by the Houthis-Saleh forces. In view of these facts, we call upon the Houthi-Saleh coalition to respect the fundamental rights of all detainees, in accordance with Article 3 of the 3rd Geneva Convention, and to apply human rights standards and treat all individuals under their control humanely.

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